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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

What is the source of your guidance and recommendations?

Published and updated by our physician editorial team who are Certified Medical Examiners, the reference manual and web-based app algorithms are based upon the latest reports from the Medical Review Board and Medical Expert Panel - both of which are advisory groups to the FMCSA, the latest information from the FMCSA (including their periodic webinars), and the latest medical literature. As soon as new information is obtained, is immediately updated.

Is there an app to download?

A subscription to includes both our comprehensive reference manual and our web-based app. Our manual and app are updated regularly because we always want you to have the latest FMCSA guidance. You do not download an app but connect to to access the manual and app so you always have the most recent version of each and are assured of using the most up-to-date information.

Why do I need

Simply put, whatever reference you are currently using to guide your DOT certifications is out of date and incomplete. Cheat sheets from your training course? Typically contain obsolete recommendations and do not include the many conditions and medications that come up in daily practice. Textbook or handbook? Books go out of date very quickly and the recommendations are often dated. is updated frequently and we are constantly adding guidance based upon questions and feedback from our users – actual medical examiners. If one of our users has a difficult or complex question, then others likely will as well so we add such issues with recommendations to our database.

Can more than one provider share a subscription to

Access to an account is restricted to the original subscriber only - no sharing is permitted due to HIPAA concerns. This is why you must log in with your FMCSA registry ID number. We follow this carefully for obvious reasons and sharing of an account may be grounds for termination of your subscription. Thank you for understanding.

Is an Electronic Medical Record?

No. will make sure you make the right DOT exam certification every time, but we are not a substitute for the medical record or the FMCSA forms and do not upload any information to the FMCSA.

Is FMCSA approved?

The FMCSA does not approve of any reference, whether it is a training course syllabus, textbook, or web-based reference. However, our recommendations come straight from the FMCSA and its Medical Expert Panels and Medical Review Board proceedings.

Is meant for new examiners or experienced ones?

Simply put, is the only available resource for accurate, constantly updated DOT exam guidance. As a result, both experienced medical examiners who have been involved with DOT exams for many years and newly certified examiners find incredibly valuable. has proven very popular with both groups is relied upon by certified medical examiners of all levels of experience.

Where can I find a receipt so that I can get reimbursed for the subscription?

Just log in and go to the Your Account section.

When I click on "Start An Evaluation" I get logged out and end up back in the log-in page. What is wrong?

The problem represents an issue with the settings of your browser's cookies. It is likely you are using an obsolete browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) or the security settings on your browser are too restrictive. Kindly try again with another browser or a different computer.


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